Colouring services and conditioning treatments

Colouring services and conditioning treatments

Everything you could ask for - Our services are tailored to you and we offer a superior service. As Matrix colour salon we understand that your hair is a big part of the image you want to portray to the world. With our ammonia free hair colour products you can choose how you want the world to see you.
*Patch Test Required 24-48 Hours Prior To Service. *
Balayage  £55 

Full head highlights (long hair) £57

Full head highlights ( shorter hair) £50

Half head highlights £42
T-section highlights £32
Full head colour long hair £40

Full head colour shorter hair  £35

Toner £15
Root retouch £25

Toner £15

OLAPLEX  mix in colour £15

OLAPLEX backwash treatment £20 (without blow dry ) £20

* please book your free consultation prior to booking your colour service*